It is not important whether you are a trained singer or an untrained singer but if you are serious about making singing your career and want to know how to improve your singing,then you should know that your voice needs to be trained properly to produce that best and the most desirable sounds.If you want your voice to produce that sweet high quality notes,it is important for you to develop the right method and practice a few vocal and physical singing techniques to fine tune your voice to deliver that desirable pitch..

Physical Techniques To Improve Your Singing Voice

>For sure it is important to have a good voice to become a good singer. However,it is more important to develop a proper gait and maintain a proper posture to have a consistently stronger career in singing.You may know that a dropped or curved back will not help your abdomen muscles to contract and expand properly in which case there will not be a proper upward flow of air.A vital point you cannot ignore if you want to improve your singing.

> You may have a good singing voice but it requires quite a lot of cooperation from your voice as well as your body.To keep it simple,sound voice in a sound body is my view-point here..

>Many singers,over a period of time,suffer from vocal cords hypertrophy, vocal nodules,detuning and other vocal abuse symptoms.This is mainly because they  do not follow correct singing techniques and do not use the correct breath support.

>To begin with, a proper breathing is the most important exercise to improve your singing voice.There is one good breathing technique called the Appoggio or Appoggiare technique which,as a rule,many Opera singers,Rock stars, Classical singers,Actors and even Preachers practice on a regular basis to improve their singing and voice standards.


>The term Appoggio is derived from the Italian word “Appoggiare” which means leaning on two breath support techniques put together the abdominal and the upper chest.

>That way,the Appoggio or the Appoggiare technique helps you to inhale deeply and use your abdomen muscles to force your diaphragm to raise up.This method helps you to move air up into the lungs and then finally up into the vocal chords.This Appoggio or Appoggiare technique helps you,while exhaling,to keep your sternum lifted up to maintain proper control of the air while singing.

>.If practiced regularly this Appoggio or Appoggiare technique helps you in controlling air pressure on your vocal chords when singing a high note.This technique also trains you in  sustaining all notes properly. This execrcise is vital to improve your singing voice.

>Mastering proper tongue placement,forming the lips and controlling the (soft) palate are a few more important physical singing techniques the singers can derive benefits from.

>In order to improve your singing voice,it is always important to seek guidance and training in voice therapy design from a qualified voice therapist.

Vocal Techniques To Improve Your Singing

Every singer who is taking singing lessons to attain mastery in singing is aware of the importance of vocal techniques that are crucial for his/her career.Every singer,while learning techniques to sing properly,should also need to know how a sound is produced.This is where the voice techniques play a major role in your singing career.Once you are thorough with your breathing exercise and know how to hold your body,then you need to know the following things.

>How to keep the throat open and how to create resonance.

>How to properly pronounce vowels and consonants while singing.

>How to increase voice range and how to know and sing a pitch.

>How to create full sound and how to end a tone.

>How to emote and how to add expression to your singing. 

Apart from mastering physical and vocal techniques of learning there are a few more presentation techniques that you need to learn and master in order to sing professionally.One of these techniques is the art of stage presentation which includes your entering on to the stage with a microphone and greeting the audience.


To know how to improve your singing it is important for you to know that there is a lot more than mere learning and practicing if you have to constantly reach a high note or sing on a particular key .Please note that no singer became a great singer over night and it is his/her never say die efforts combined with a regular practice of physical and vocal singing techniques that made him/her a great singer.It is a creative process that helps you to learn everything gradually which finally puts your singing career on a song.

Good Luck