“Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable,with the possible exception of a moose singing “Embraceable You” in spats”

-Woody Allen




Song is a gift of Nature and good singing is one faculty that one can cultivate with a regular voice training.

Am Narrenaditya,an Award Winning Creative Director/Writer,Ad Film Maker from a very popular and historic city of India called Hyderabad.

Singing is a passion for me and it helped me a great deal in doing an extensive study and research on the various aspects of world music.During this process I have studied about various compositions,styles,rendering,notes,voice range,voice exercises,singing range,vocal range and also about various scales and styles involved in composing a song.I have done a series of programmes on the lives of some of the most popular Indian music directors and creative geniuses.I also had an opportunity to study them closely and to learn about various facets of music,song,singing styles and other intricate aspects of music and its various branches.

It is for a musical that I have made on the life of a legendary Indian classical Music Composer and Singer Sri.Thyagaraja Swamy that I have won the best director and the best film award.

Through this site Am going to provide you with every single tool that shall make you a great singer.Am going to offer everything and all the resources necessary to make you realize your dream.Am going to utilize the services of the best from the world of music who are eager to offer their tips  on the various aspects of  music,song and singing.

This site will have everything that you need and it is going to be a one stop solution for all your requirements at every stage of your singing career.

Keep watching for the best in the industry and from the best in the industry.

Good luck